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A new video of my game First Law! I also released the first public demo for anyone who has an Oculus Rift, you can get it at

Early combat footage from First Law my April #1gam and first project for the Oculus Rift.  The sense of immersion is insane. Hoping to ship a small combat sim by the end of the month, and add some missions into the game next month.

Rubbertron 1.1 for Win, Mac, Linux

Now with configuration support for keyboard & controllers!

It’s not a fancy feature, but hopefully it makes things a bit easier for you if you have a non-traditional keyboard or want to play with a gamepad.

Download Links:

Rubbertron: A love letter to arcades of the 1980’s

Play in the Unity Webplayer

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Download for:

In the early 1980’s a mall near where I lived had an old arcade called Gold Mine.  I wasn’t usually allowed in there but I remember sneaking in a few times to look at all the arcade games.  They kept the lights in the arcade pretty much off, so everything was lit by the neon glow of arcade machines.

It was a magical place.

With my February #1gam, I wanted to make an arcade game that wasn’t a slavish replica of games from that era, but rather how I remember them thinking back to walking through Gold Mine. Loud, bright, glowing, fast, and challenging.

The best way to play this is hooked up to the biggest screen you can find and the lights low, trading off between friends to see who can get the farthest.






A Sense of Scale - Cod of Duty’s Weekend

The Press

So early on Saturday, I woke up and saw this:

Rock Paper Shotgun - Everyone Was Thinking It: Cod of Duty

Holy crap, right?!  And then over the course of the next 48 hours, it was followed by:

Absolutely blown away both by the coverage and the positive response by the people who took the time to comment. Thank you, everyone!

The Players

As of this post, Cod of Duty has had 16,579 unique visitors from 116 different countries.  Here’s a map of the distribution (darker green = more players from that country):

Preferred Play Method

  • Web Player: 5786 downloads
  • Windows Binary: 4525 downloads
  • Mac Binary: 745 downloads
  • Linux Binary: 362 downloads
  • Source Code Views: 175 clicks

I’m really glad that developing in Unity gives me a wide variety of options for deployment, since it seems like there’s no clear favorite for players.  I’ll definitely spin a full set of builds like this for future games!

All of the downloads ended up generating just over 100GB of traffic on my web server this weekend - I’m very happy I have a good server, a lower end one might have melted.

Again, Thank You

It was a wild ride this weekend and one of the most encouraging ones I’ve ever had as an indie game developer.  If you’re looking for more fun games to play, check out some of the other crazy games over at One Game a Month!  And if you like the sound of co-op arcade multiplayer, come back at the end of February for when I post my next game. :)

CoD of Duty: The Premier First Person Shooting Fish in a Barrel Simulator

Play in the Unity Webplayer

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Download for:

(Note: Hello good people of the internet! I also have a new free arcade game you should check out. It’s available for Android/Windows/Mac/Linux and iOS is coming soon. Click here f more info)

For my January #1gam, I wanted to do something that’d be both small in scope and something that I hadn’t really done before.  Based on a joke that my friend John made about Call of Duty always being abbreviated ‘CoD’ on the internet, I decided to make a first person shooter where all of your enemy are fish.


A lot of the ‘joke’ is how I feel about the standard FPS single player campaigns.  Short, not terribly interesting, and completely over the top with their story elements.


From a development perspective this was actually a lot of fun to work on, even if I spent way more time on it in January than I ever anticipated to. I had never made anything like a FPS before, and I had never had any sort of scripted elements in a shipped game before, and this let me try out both of those things.


Things I had wanted to do that I ended up cutting in the interest of time:

  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Controller support
  • An underwater level

In retrospect I think any more levels probably would have taken too long to play, and the joke frankly gets a bit old by the end of it. The 10-15m it takes to play through now seems sufficient.