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First Law: Test Builds

Update 7/31/204: Quick Fix Update

Windows 64 bit - Windows 32 bit

What’s New?

  • Updated to Unity 4.5.2p3 to see if that resolves any issues with black screens/judder
  • Fixed an exception on start when attempting to use a controller with no valid mapping
  • Added an indicator that a controller has no valid mapping on the title screen to let people know they should create one
  • Added the oculus popup menu everywhere, hit tab to bring it up
  • Added the esc/tab key info to the button list in the title screen
  • Adjusted ship scale and pilot scale a bit to try and reduce the impression that you’re Andre the Giant piloting a spaceship
  • Added a position//view reset mapped to F12, use this if your view is horrendously out of whack
  • All game scenes now do a positional reset on load.

Update 7/30/2014: Test Build 02

Windows 64 bit - Windows 32 bit

What’s New?

Just a quick build to update to the 0.4.0 oculus SDK for full DK2 support. Also fixed some small bugs like asteroids spawning through the space stations/waypoints. Also added a default controller mapping for the Dualshock 4 controller. Enjoy!

Update 9/8/2013: Test Build 01!

Get your fresh builds here!

Windows - OS X

Here’s how it looks now!

So what’s new?

Geez, a boatload. But offhand here are some new features:

  • First pass at mission support! There’s now a simple mission you can playthrough that has a scripted set of events.
  • Newtonian’ish physics (inertia with velocity caps)
  • Afterburners & Shields
  • Lots of new readouts on the cockpit monitors
  • Initial pass at a pilot body
  • Awesome docking bay/hangar to launch from
  • Config tool for controller support
  • Testing with multiple controllers (thrustmaster hotas, saitek x-52, logitech 3d extreme, xbox controllers)
  • 4km diameter space station to fly around
  • New asteroids, new asteroid explosions
  • Around a dozen reworked sound effects
  • "Look" based UI system for selecting objects and dismissing text windows
  • Can now select friendly/neutral objects as targets (stations, waypoints, etc)
  • Reworked rates of turn, speeds, firing rates
All told I had about 150 tasks that went into this build so I’m sure that list isn’t comprehensive.
Have fun, and I hope you enjoy the new build!  As always if anything comes up you can find me on twitter: @rje

First Law - Test Build 00

What is this build?

This build is a very early build to let people play with the mechanics of flight and the basics of combat. It is not a game yet!  But if you happen to have an Oculus Rift I hope you’ll try it and find some enjoyment out of flying your very own combat space ship. :)

Youtube video of latest build:


Windows - Mac


  • Computer Specs: I have no idea, I’m using a 2011 macbook pro
  • Xbox 360 controller
  • Oculus Rift
  • Headphones! The audio is a huge part of the experience

Instructions - Windows

You guys should be good to go straight out of the gates, no reconfiguration necessary. Enjoy!

Instructions - Mac

I haven’t found a way for Unity’s InputManager to know about the windows and mac key configurations, so the first time you run the game you’ll need to manually update the configuration.  To do that:

  1. Start the game, a small runner dialog should pop up called “First Law Configuration”
  2. Select the “Input” tab.
  3. Reconfigure the following inputs:
  • Horizontal (Left stick horizontal axis)
  • Vertical (Left stick vertical axis)
  • Laser (Right trigger)
  • Missile (Left trigger)
  • Throttle (Right stick vertical axis)
  • Roll (Right stick horizontal axis)
  • MatchTargetSpeed (Right stick button, aka R3)
  • PreviousTarget (Right Bumper)
  • NextTarget (Left Bumper)
  • SpawnEnemy (A button)

That should be it!  I’m hoping to actively improve this in the future (and support more gamepads).

Known Issues

  • Running in a non-native screen resolution on OSX 10.8 seems to have very weird results (cameras go missing on the right eye). So for now pick whatever screen resolution you’re actively using.
  • The InputManager stuff on mac os (see the instructions above)
  • I lied about what the quit key is. I think it’s actually the Esc key.

Find another issue? Please let me know! You can either leave a comment on this page or send me a note on twitter.

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